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We are specialist installers of high end home entertainment systems – we have years of experience and hundreds of systems deployed. This experience coupled with high end hardware ensures our installations are the best available – our case studies pages reflect this. Our philosophy is that any room should have access to any source and the system should be incredibly easy to use – we don’t train clients how to use our systems and a large proportion of our clients, and their staff, are non English speaking. By centralising audio video sources we have complete control – one easy to use interface controls everything from Sky through to Blu-Ray servers and streaming devices and each room feels like it has every source available. Our systems are future proofed so as a new device is released we can simply and efficiently add it in to the system and make it available everywhere in the home. By default rooms enjoy AV sources in isolation – so someone watching in one room doesn’t interfere with another – but rooms can easily be joined together as required. 

Our multi-room audio video installations are truly bespoke – any source can be distributed to any room in the home. Video sources such as SkyHD, BluRay Movies or Netflix can be enjoyed on any TV in the home with audio replayed by high quality speaker systems. Centralising sources allows recorded TV to be enjoyed anywhere in the home with the option for multiple streams (one Sky receiver for adults and one for kids, for example). Sources local to the rooms, such as games consoles, are sent back to the central rack so they too can be distributed around the home or just enhanced locally via the audio system.Audio sources such as Spotify and Sonos can be enjoyed throughout the home with rooms easily ganged together to create parties (a great option for master bedroom, dressing room and ensuite areas). Stereo rooms can easily be joined to surround sound rooms as easily as tapping a button on a user interface. Stereo rooms for key areas can backed up by subwoofers – we have a huge range of options from in-ceiling, in-wall and ones designed to hide under furniture. 





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Sr.no.20/4, Kharadkar park,Kharadi, 

Near Mundhawa River bridge, Pune 411014 

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