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InfraProject Smart Package
  • Ideal for builders & hotels (>40,000 square feet)
    • Smart home infrastructure set up at marginal cost
    • Database/CRM integration
    • Customised solution designs
    • BMS integration
    • Professional installation
    • After-sales commitment (onsite)
    • Online Support
    • Exclusive B2B Pricing (lowest price guarantee)
    • 2 years warranty* (extensible) 
SKYHOME Basic Package
  • Ideal for Flat (basic setup)
    • Light control in 2 rooms (12 maximum)
    • Fan control in 2 rooms.
    • AC control in 2 rooms (1 per room)
    • TV/STB/Bluray control in single room.
    • Smart scenes & schedules.
    • Remote control/monitoring.
    • Google Voice/Alexa integration. 
Combo Package
  • Ideal for Flat (basic setup)
  • Light control in 4 rooms (12 maximum)
  • Fan control in 4 rooms
  • AC control in 4 rooms (1 per room)
  • TV/STB/Bluray control in single room
  • Smart scenes & schedules
  • Remote control/monitoring
  • Google Voice/Alexa integration
  • iOS/Android app 
Silver Package
  • Ideal for Flat (Expandable setup)
  • 1x Z-Wave controller (1 room)
  • Light control (2 rooms)
  • Control TVs, STBs, speakers, etc. (1 room)
  • Motion sensor (1 room)
  • Camera/Doorbell Integration
  • Google Home/Amazon Alexa integration
  • iOS/Android app
  • 1 year warranty
  • Professional installation (chargeable) 
Gold Package
  • Ideal for large bungalows (>10,000 square feet)
  • Light control in 5 rooms (maximum 16 lights)
  • Designer touch-switches (maximum 4)
  • 4 x Curtain/blind control
  • 1 x Motion/Smoke/Gas Leakage sensor
  • 1 x Smart Lock Integration
  • Passcode activated scenes
  • Smart audio playback
  • Customised look-and-feel
  • 1 year warranty 
Platimum Package

All High End Automation Features

Program Based Scene Control

Guard Calling System

Smart Digital Lock Integration

Smart Audio Video System Many More Features 


Home automation is now an experience everyone can get their hands on, without blowing up their home budget. We have modularized our plans to provide you maximum flexibility, scalability and affordability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to completely automate your home or just want to get the feel of smart living, you can pick a plan that suits your needs and get started. 

Smart Intelligent Solutions
Security Automation

Door intrusion, glass break, panic buttons, key fobs and beam detectors trigger local alarms and Smart App notifications. User can also be monitored centrally for entire buildings. 

Senior Living Systems

Wireless or wired Wall mounted call buttons and Pull cords in bathrooms, all of which can be centrally monitored for response and include acknowledgement feature that indicates response completion .For the Management of the facility, we offer centralized monitoring of living and common spaces and an BMS for control of the entire facility. 

Property Management System

This system enables management of all facility assets and property data via Smart App. It supports all critical management processes such as Maintenance Tasks, Service Requests, PM schedules, Warranty & AMC management. 

Building Management Systems

The BMS system enables control of all electrical assets centrally including – lighting, motors, pumps, DG sets and more. It allows central monitoring of safety and security sensors across the property and perimeter. It also provides single point access for all surveillance cameras. 

Covid 19 Smart Premises

Our solutions achieve this by enabling Premises to significantly reduce their Energy consumption through our award winning Wireless Sensors. Our Energy Monitoring solutions allow energy consumption to be monitored and enable control of electrical assets across the enterprise. Our Disaster management solutions allow centralized monitoring of safety and security across distributed locations and our infrastructure management solutions enable efficient Facility Management.We give Smart Covid 19 Solutions in Affordable range to make Covid Free Premises.

Building Smart Integration
Infra Management
  • Asset Data Management: Asset data, PM Schedules, AMC & Warranty Expiration, Contracts, Equipment Manuals and more 
BIM Smart Systems

Building Information Models (BIM) of the various office facilities for an Enterprise can be uploaded and made available to users as one interface to access the controls of various typical office equipment represented in the BIM, such as light switches, air conditioning controls, exhaust fans or more. It can also provide information from critical sensors such as indoor air quality such as CO2 levels, humidity, temperature and more. Permission based access for launching cameras can be enabled for safety and security uses.