Home Center Gateway

  • Provides the reliable foundation for FIBARO System.
  • Capable of controlling all FIBARO and other compatible devices
    using the following radio standards:

  • Z-Wave (500 series)
  • Wi-Fi – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (802.11 b/g/n/a/ac)
    • No Internet cable required, works also on Wi-Fi
    • Modern interface designed for ease of use
    • Enhanced and convenient scene editor
    • Support for more advanced apps and drivers
    • May be used with all devices certified with the Z-Wave Plus certificate
      and should be compatible Scenes allow automating your system to provide the real Smart Home experience. They can integrate multiple devices included in your system and may be activated by weather conditions, a series of intuitive timers or various sensor/module states.

There are two types of scenes to create in Home Center interface:

  • Block Scenes are easy to build. Using number of available customizable blocks complex scenes can be visually created. It is not possible to implement all functionalities of the FIBARO System with Block Scenes, but are the best way for a basic user to enhance home automation.
  • Lua Scenes are most advanced, but allow user to fully utilize all FIBARO System capabilities. Such scenes are based on the Lua programming language and require basic programming skills (available exclusively in Home Center 2 and Home Center 3). 
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Top Innovation Technology

Sr.no.20/4, Kharadkar park,Kharadi, 

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