Desktop Holder for Opus

The TDS12075 OPUS table holder is a stylish black holder made from solid aluminium. It can be placed freestanding or securely fixed to a horizontal surface. Specific applications are on a worktable, office desk or used as a bedside pane. This way, the user can always operate his OPUS where he needs it, to his own wishes. The OPUS holder has a cable strain relief and central screw clamp to nicely conduct the thin black ethernet cable to the RJ45 wall socket.

The holder has an acoustic reflector to direct and strengthen the OPUS speaker volume towards the user.

The holder is made of solid 5mm brushed aluminium and is black anodized. The weight gained thereby ensures the necessary stability when clicking the touchscreen.
At the bottom side there are two screw holes provided to fix the holder on a desk or other flat surface. In addition, the CAT6 cable can be completely hidden with a small drilled hole if desired (e.g. in the tabletop).

To protect the table against scratching, four silicone dots are included and can be glued under the holder in the provided recessed holes.

The mounting of the OPUS wall bracket (part that is supplied with the OPUS touch screen) is done with the four supplied screws. The OPUS itself can also be screw- locked on the holder for applications in semi-public areas. 





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